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Beauty and functionality meet in this incredible selection of furniture handles and door handles. Metal door handles are available in steel, stainless steel, brass, and zinc. They come either as pull handles or with mechanical hardware to operate latches. Passage latches are also available without handles. Metal handles for furniture come in a wide variety of metals as well. In addition to steel, brass and zinc, they are offered in bronze, pewter and cast iron. These metal handles are offered in a variety of style and finishes so no matter what look you want you can find it here. Wood handles for furniture are available in as wide a variety as metal door handles. These fabulous wood handles come in a surprising variety of design and are offered in red oak, beech, and maple. There are even furniture handles that combine metal and wood. The selection of glass furniture handles is also very beautiful. Frosted glass and clear glass are combined with stainless steel, polished chrome. The styles range from a classic mushroom knob to a contemporary look that combines white and polished chrome, glass and zinc. From decorator handles to fully functional metal door handles, Hafele has it all. You can be certain to find the right style furniture handle or metal door handle that fits the decor and practical needs of the furniture or door application.

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