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Sliding, folding and tambour doors add a touch of class to any home or office, and installing or repairing them is a breeze when you have the right parts. Find all the components for folding and sliding doors here, including tracks, pivots, rollers and locks. Sliding doors include more than doors, and you can get sliding door covers for filing cabinets and storage compartments here too. Tambour doors make a very attractive way of adding security to an office, or for securing items on a movable cart. All the necessary items for folding doors are available. Complete door systems, including pocket doors and pivot doors that slide out of the way, are available in a variety of styles and sizes. You can also find anything necessary to repair or replace them. Find hundreds of architectural hardware items for folding and sliding doors as well. Pocket doors that slide into wall pockets and folding doors that act like accordions to open out of the way increase the versatility and usefulness of any interior doorway. The beauty, efficiency and security of roller doors is available with a tambour door. Compete systems in either standard or custom widths are available. Height is easily adjustable by trimming the bottom of the front rails. Find all the replacement parts for these systems as well.

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