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Kitchen solutions mean both organizing and adding functionality. Open floor space by moving a waste basket to a slide out drawer, or organize cleaning tools on a convenient hanger. Drawer slides, corner cabinets, and storage baskets are among the hundreds of useful items you can find here. Office solutions are more specialized and include everything necessary for a neat and orderly work area. Desk grommets, drawer caddies and keyboard trays make any work station more functional, while wall systems help keep clutter to a minimum. Wall, table and monitor brackets in a variety of sizes and styles are also available. Drawer hardware is a wide ranging category that includes drawer slides as well as organizational tools. Cutlery inserts and spice trays keep things in the right place and full metal drawer and drawer systems provide all the storage any home or office could need. Bathroom accessories and hardware includes items designed for the home and work bathrooms. Paper towel dispensers and other public sanitary items are available, but so are curved shower rods and folding shower seats. Add a laundry hamper or grab bar by finding one with the style that matches the existing bathroom hardware.

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