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Finding the right lighting installation hardware is easy and straightforward when you look here. Hafele has assembled an impressive array of wall fasteners and contractors tools that this the right place to come for finding a specific item for a specific situation. This includes all finishing and repair materials. Need to repair a nasty scratch in a finished surface? Find a softwax kit that includes blending colors. Need to repair a wall when a mounting device failed? Find a better mounting device and a cover cap to make it look good! The assortment of wall fasteners and hardware means you will have a great selection to choose from. Fasteners means wall fasteners, but includes staples, brads and screws as well. You can also get bit drivers, screw dowels, and glue-in dowels to make a safe and secure installation. And speaking of safety, get the anti-tip monitor protection necessary to keep children safe around today’s heavy TV screens and monitors. The selection of contractor tools includes dozens of safety items from glasses and gloves to safety vests and body suits. Eyewash kits and hearing protection are available, as are the respirators and respirator filters necessary for dusty or contaminated work environments.

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