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Builders Area, that Hardware Showroom is part of, was first founded in 2008 as a modest company in Illinois. We didn’t stay long in that state as in 2011 we moved to the lone star state. Once we had established our business in the city of Round Rock, we realized that Texans don’t all ride horses to school and pick-ups aren’t the only vehicles they drive. They do have the biggest burgers, though!

A year later, Builders Area re located to the Texas state capital, Austin. As well as being a city surrounded by greenery, it’s also known as the Live Music Capital of the World. Austin residents love tacos and are happy to have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner! We still have our headquarters in the same place today and we just love the laid back lifestyle and the festivals that entertain our staff throughout the year. Texans love where they come from and no one is more proud of their state than a Texan!

When a business moves elsewhere it is often because it thinks it can grow its product sales in that place. For Builders Area, we think that we got that exactly right when we moved into Texas between 2010 and 2014. That was when Austin's population grew by more than 85,000, according to the state's Data Center.

Our key features as a business are:

  • We have access to many warehouses located across the nation.This enables us to ship our products in a timely manner without delay. This great network means we offer the peace of mind to our customers that they will receive their products as soon as possible.
  • Our company motto is ‘our customers come first.’ This has paid off over the years both for the vendors who sell us their products and the customers who buy them. By using this Yin and Yang principle, we can proudly say that in all these years in the industry we haven’t had many complaints from either side.
  • As our company grows, we grow too.
  • We emphasize the learning of new techniques while proving our systems and negotiating better rates. This has put us in a position that’s the envy of our competitors and this is all because of the loyalty of our present customers and our ability to attract new ones.
  • Our policy is to ensure that anyone who is involved with our hundreds of orders weekly experiences a smooth and trouble free experience.

We are available for you 5 days a week and with real time online access it ensures we keep in contact with our customers, so they are constantly updated about the progress of their order. It’s normal that sometimes problems just happen but we’re proud to put every effort into sorting them out as soon as we are informed about any. We encourage customer feedback so that we can offer the best experience in our environment. 

We make a promise that we will not rest on our laurels but keep improving our stores and keep customer service at the same high level for you, the customers, to enjoy.

Y’all may not have known (we have even learned how to talk like Texans!) that Texas is the best place to do business. Here at Builders Area we believe it is. We’re a serious business doing serious trade with the people we love and support the most, our customers!
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