Customer advocates study the needs of customers
and help their company satisfy its customers as quickly, happily, and cost-effectively as possible.

Customer Advocacy Purpose

  • To foster positive, long-term relationships with all our customers through open, friendly, intelligent communication and ongoing feedback.
  • To take ownership of our customers' problems until resolved to their satisfaction.
  • To help our customers get back to work as quickly as possible when they have a technology problem.
  • To provide excellent customer service and technical expertise.
  • To respond rapidly and positively to all customer inquiries.

Customer Advocacy Mission Statement 

To provide consistent best-in-class customer support by managing, resolving, and preventing problems efficiently, communicating effectively, and exceeding customer expectations. We focus on the needs of our customer and strive to meet them in the most timely, efficient, and courteous manner possible.  We will be inconvenienced if necessary to assist our customers with emergency requests or unfair treatment by any of our suppliers, representatives, or distributors.

Customer Advocacy Vision 

  • To be our customers' advocate and single point of contact for all customer support issues, whether technological, delivery-specific, or product-related.
  • To strive for continuous improvement by measuring our performance against customer expectations and industry standards, supported by customer surveys and other feedback.
  • To achieve world-class status by establishing a 70% or higher first-call resolution rate and a 5% or less abandonment rate.