When you start placing orders with us at Hardware Showroom we set up a customer portal so that you can make direct contact concerning your account, including placing and tracking orders and corresponding with us. This makes it easier for you and Hardware Showroom. It ensures that we know where we both stand regarding the different stages of your order.  You can also review past orders through your own personal access.

If you have problems with any of your orders you will be able to submit a ticket which we will be able to view immediately and organize a solution. You will have access to quotes we have provided, invoices we have sent to you and any other updates to your accounts. We ensure you have a user profile which makes it easier to access your portal and is completely confidential.

As is usual with online accounts you will be assigned a password which you will be asked to change as soon as you have completed the logging in process. After a successful login, you will need to click on the link, “My Settings”. After this, a popup will appear which gives you the chance to update your password. This portal may be available in your own language if you don’t speak English. You should ask to find out if the portal can be presented in your preferred language.

Additional services the customer portal provides

By using our customer portal you will be able to view your complete history with us in relation to any contact you have made including notes that have exchanged hands, and calls and emails. If you’ve sent a file to us or received a quote, you’ll find it in your customer portal. You can get instant answers to any queries you may have about orders as we assign you to a human being who will come up with the right answer.

You will never lose track of any high priority orders you have made as there is a visualized sales pipeline you can view. This shows you when your ordered products are on the way to you and you get more than just a glimpse of this information as there is a more detailed set of information which you can access through your portal.

You can access us at Hardware showroom in an instant, with our single click emailing and calling service. You can even start an email in just a single click and make a recorded call too. With any email, you can customize your own or compile it using a prepared template that has the capacity to fill in the right contact information. You can attach a file or doc from Hardware Showroom’s document management system. You will be able to view all the communication history from the time and date that the communication first began.

Your accountant will be more than happy with you too!

We offer a regular cycle of quoting, invoicing, and payments at Hardware Showroom. Once you have accepted a quote for your order from us of Hafele quality products, we will create an invoice which will be forwarded faster than you could ever imagine. You are then able to pay online using PayPal or Credit Card, which tracks automatically any outstanding invoices which means you will know what has been paid and what is still owed.

In summary, by doing business with Hardware Showroom our customer portal is the best you will find anywhere and we offer the transparency that everyone wants when they engage in business transactions