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Bring a new level of sophisticated lighting to any home or office with the incredible variety of options found here. LED, halogen and xenon systems are all available in different styles, including flexible ribbon lights, round pucks and square fixtures. LED lights are featured with battery power all the way up to 110V. Hafele has lighting systems for bars, ceilings, drawers, cabinets and plinths. They even carry lit closet wardrobe tubes! Bring just the right amount of light to any nook and cranny of the home or office with a stylish flair by finding exactly the light or lighting system you need. They also carry the necessary wiring components to make installation or extension of an existing system a breeze. From simple contractor grade extension cords to LED dimming boxes for multiple lights, Hafele has assembled an impressive array of electrical fittings. Many are unique items specifically for LED lighting systems. This includes audio speakers and mounting hardware for monitors and TV screens. As with the lighting systems, style, sophistication and practicality are the key features of the product selection. This can be seen in the variety of motorized and movable brackets.

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